An unexpected error occurred while updating required files wow

It has not released in an update yet and will not be in the update releasing next week.

The Windows Insiders Release Preview ring gets a preview of the patches a couple of weeks before the release goes out to the public.

The previous version of Windows 10 did not exhibit the problem.

The backport of the fix for this is still in process.I will post back when it goes out to the Release Preview ring for Insiders as this will give you some notice before it goes public and a chance to try it out if you have a machine enrolled in it. After running through a massive troubleshooting session, in which we checked for buggy shell handlers, anti-virus conflicts, firewall conflicts, making sure the server and client were completely up to date and even swapping out a network switch, we finally found a single reference to this problem on the Microsoft Technet forums where someone had stumbled on the same problem.Unlikely as we felt their solution was, it did solve the problem - at a cost.For those interested, here is the post: Problem creating/renaming a folder on a network share with Win10 Anniversary Update (Error 0x8007003B) If you read that thread, the solution is to disable the Windows Search Service on the file server.This is where things get painful for some of my clients - we use that service to allow fast searching on large file repositories.

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