Hiatus from dating

Another argument for putting those apps on ice for a little while.

If you’re just going on dates because you’re single and feel like that’s what single people do, you need to reevaluate.

“The most important thing women need to do is stay true to what they want,” says Gibson.

“If they know what they want in a partner, they need to commit to that—don’t just go out with someone because they’re good-looking.

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“The best way to date is to feel neutral,” says relationship expert Laurie Davis Edwards, founder of e Flirt and author of who emphasizes that this is especially important for online daters.The time to practice that balance is now, not later. You may feel you need to call off the dogs because you’re just too damn tired. Those first ones require a particular brand of energy, and you want to be fresh for those. As a result, she was able to be open and engage with other people without a white-knuckled need for This to Be the One. When you care for yourself and focus on your life while you stay engaged and open to the people around you, connection becomes an option and a joy.It’s the difference between looking for someone to save you from your life—and looking for someone to share it with. You take a break from cleaning the gutters on a 90-degree day. Which isn’t that different from: “I’m taking a break from eating healthy, which is why I’m devouring an entire chocolate torte.” If you believe you can only focus on yourself when dating is switched into OFF mode, then how exactly do you think you’ll keep yourself from abandoning yourself wholly when and if you enter a committed relationship? (Granted,you may also be suffering from the delusion that fate alone will make love happen.What you need isn’t a break from dating, but a break from the scary high expectations you have and your own harsh self-judgment. Screw finding your soul mate on every date — this is a recipe for disappointment.

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